Battle of


Night of February 22-23, 1969

(UPDATED August 29, 2011)

"This web page is dedicated to the memory of Robert W. Hartsock (Medal of Honor) Henry (Ronald) Strobo and at least 41 other brave sons, fathers, uncles and friends who were lost to us the night of  February 22, 1969 in and around Dau Tieng RVN." 

Photo and Bio of Robert Hartsock, Medal OF Honor (posthumously) 44 Inf. Scout Dog Ptn.

Photo and Bio of Medic Howard T. Atkinson, Silver Star (posthumously),HHC 65th Eng. Bn.

This web page is intended as a historical site and may contain material graphic in nature. It is not my intent to glorify, but to document a moment in history overlooked in most part by the press and military historians. "Those who forget or fail to document history for future generations run the risk of repeating it" (paraphrased)

(This photo and others taken by Don Wimer also of  METRO 1/27 Arty or myself the next day) 

The original page published 3/29/1999 on AOL  


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Click here to Read DSC awarded to 1LT Andres Gutierrez C Co. 1/27 Inf.

Published in Tropic Lightning News, June 23, 1969

Click here to Read ACM with V awarded to Bill Harwood HHB 2/77 Arty. and photo of Bill with "Orphan Anne" the 105 howitzer who's crew fired direct fire down the runway from near the Air Force villa, and was rumored that the tube got so hot it was "cooking off" rounds.

Click here to Read Tropic Lightning Account Of Battle

Published in Tropic Lightning News, March 10, 1969 (courtesy of Robert Jensen)

Click here to Read After Action Report

Hq ,2D Bn (Mech) 22D Infantry  (2/23/69)

Here is a topo map and an aerial photograph of Dau Tieng Basecamp

Click here to read NVA propaganda pamphlet found in our wire a few days after attack

(courtesy of Hank Bergson) 

Here's a link to Viet Nam era "Tropic Lightning News"

(The 25 Inf Division Newspaper)

Click here to View Newspaper Article (2/23/69)

Click on names below to read Personal Accounts

Mike Groves  A Co, 2/22 Inf (Mech) 25 Inf,

Kenneth Whitely  D Co. 229th (Killer Spades)

Lee (Pete) Hanner   D Co. 1/27 Inf  25 Inf Div. (Wolfhounds)

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Bill Biggs, of  METRO  HHB 1/27 Arty Dau Tieng (Sept 68-Aug 69)

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Taken 2/23/69

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